Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Synergy 2016 - Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

With a combined effort, we can achieve more this is what Synergy taught me. This year, NYP Adventure Club (ADC) held the 9th edition of Synergy – NYP Adventure Race on 16 January 2016. Participating members had to form teams of 3 each with at least a member from the opposite gender, and complete a set of challenges at 10 checkpoints around Singapore. The total distance we had to cover was 25km!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


As an avid gamer, Muhammad Azri Zulhilmi Bin Giman aspired to be a game designer. “NYP was the obvious choice for me, it is well-known for its Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design,” comments Azri.

Thanks to the NYPFP, Azri was able to have a taste of polytechnic education ahead of his ‘N’ Level peers who decided to continue with their ‘O’ Level examinations. This gave him a head start when it came to acquiring skills and knowledge required for the course. “I was able to learn basic drawing techniques such as rendering and composition,” says Azri. “These foundation skills gave me an added advantage when I started Year 1 as I was able to perform better than most of my course mates.”

Besides the technical skills acquired during his time in NYPFP, Azri has also learnt essential soft skills like teamwork and time management. “There are hardly any deadlines in secondary school, but it’s different in polytechnic,” says Azri. “You have to learn how to manage deadlines by being responsible about how you spend your time.”

Upon graduation, Azri hopes to pursue a degree in Game Design and urges those who are considering the PFP to chase their dreams. “Choosing where to go next [after your ‘N’ Levels] is a huge decision, but they should always go for the best,” says Azri. “I highly recommend NYP for its conducive learning environment and helpful lecturers.”

Published in the Jan 2016 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 Awesome Places to Visit in NYP

School is not all about studies and grades – especially if you spend most of your time in campus. One of the key benefits of studying in a Polytechnic would be all the awesome facilities. With 2015 being the year NYP’s new facilities are scheduled to be completed, here’s the guide for you to check out the new and useful places to visit, and enjoy in 2016!

My Top 5 Reasons For Choosing NYP

You’ve just received your O-level results and you already know that polytechnic life is for you. But with 5 different polytechnics to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming. Read on to find out my top five reasons for Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

Reason #5 – Convenient & Centralised Location

Did you know NYP is located right smack (nearly) in the middle of two MRT stations: Ang Mo Kio (AMK) and Yio Chu Kang? Getting to and from NYP is a mere 10-minutes walk away from Yio Chu Kang MRT.  And the path to the NYP campus is even sheltered, a boon for rainy days. With its convenient and centralised location, it is easy to get to places you wish to go after school!

Rushing for an afternoon movie at AMK Hub? Walk or take a 3-stop bus ride on Bus 265.

Heading to the Mandai Zoo or Night Safari? Take Bus 138 from the bus interchange at AMK Hub.
PS: Say hi to JiaJia and KaiKai for me!

Going for a night out in town with some friends after that tedious paper? Only a 20 minute MRT ride away.

How about shopping for clothes at Bugis Street? Just a 30 minute MRT ride away.

Did somebody say convenient??

NYP also charters one-way shuttle buses in the morning! Pick up points are scattered around Singapore, ensuring that students have transport from all corners of Singapore! You can check out more details on the shuttle service here.

Reason #4 –Good Teaching Facilities

NYP has built high-tech laboratories filled with industry standard equipment not only to allow students to experience first-hand working in industry but to also help them gain confidence in handling such equipment and technologies when they enter the industry.

As a Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition (DFSN) student, I’ve attended many lessons held in the Food Pilot Plant which is made up of five application labs: fermentation, meat processing, beverages, confectionary, and bakery products.

I have no problem visualising and understanding food processes, thanks to the Food Pilot Plant which has provided opportunities for me to run and test machines like the meat tumbler and spray dryer.

This beats just reading about them and staring at the pictures provided in lecture notes.

In addition, NYP cultivates partnerships with many industry partners.  This has benefited students like myself as we get the chance to work on real life industry projects.

Some examples include:

- 3D Printing: Engineering students are able to use 3D printers to create, examine and analyse the physical attributes of their product designs, in the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre.
- HIMSS & Teaching Dental Clinic: The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Centre of Excellence has electronic medical record systems, wireless vital signs monitoring and even a simulated Intensive Care Unit for training nurses. Dental students can provide oral health care services to NYP staff  because they are equipped with necessary dental equipment in a real clinical setting
- Centre for IT Innovation: IT Students are kept up-to-date of technological advances as they work on industry and in-house projects.
- Game Resource Centre: Thanks to a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, students can develop games on the PlayStation®3 platform in this learning lab.

Reason #3 - Conducive Study Spaces

NYP is filled with conducive study spaces. There are cosy nooks and corners all around campus fitted with electrical points for you to plug in your laptops and charge your electronic devices.
These include the seats around our corridors and also the lush green corners in our many different gardens.

If you prefer to have some fresh air whilst you complete your revision then look out for any of the 12 state-of-the-art gazebos located around the north and south gardens. Not only are these gazebos meant to provide a peaceful study and interaction space for students, it being built around existing trees also mean preservation of the trees whilst providing extra shade to users.

If you prefer air-conditioned comfort, you can even eat while you study at L’cafĂ© in the NYP Library.

Level 4 at the library is dedicated for “noisier” activities. Seats catered to large groups and individuals can be found scattered around this level. But if you’re looking for a more private space and a place to do project discussions with your friends, then go ahead and book one of the many learning pods and research carrels available throughout the day.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet to do some last minute mugging before finals, then head on up to Level 5 of the library. This level of the library is filled with individual study booths catered to students who thrive on independent, self-study.

Newly opened on 10th December 2015, NYP also has 2 reading lounges outside the library’s main entrance.

#2 – Countless Opportunities

During my first year at NYP as a DFSN student, my class was privileged to be paired up with Swissbake Pte Ltd for one of our innovation modules. On the first lesson, the head baker at Swissbake came down personally to do a demonstration on the proper baking techniques and steps.

He answered all our question and cleared any doubts we had on designing our own baked products. That particular lesson was one that I remember till this day. I gained so much insight and tips that proved valuable and ultimately allowed me to ace that particular module.

At NYP, the possibilities are endless and no student is left behind. NYP offers countless opportunities to each and every student, regardless of grades or financial background - from exchange programmes to giving back to the community to internship programmes both locally and overseas.

Just for this year, NYP gave out 171 scholarships to students, providing recognition to students with excellent academic achievements, strong leadership qualities, and active CCA participation.

#1 – Amazing lecturers!

The lecturers at NYP are always here to help you every step of the way. Eventually, they stop being just lecturers and become your mentors and friends. In fact, I cannot count with just one hand the number of lecturers whom my friends and I have bonded with, shared meals with, celebrated birthdays with, and even gained contacts for internship and ad-hoc job opportunities from.

I am eternally grateful to these lecturers for all that I have gained and accomplished during my studies at NYP. They continuously push me to be much more than what I already am, allowing me to reach my peak potential. I trust that they will do the same and maybe even more for you.


NYP’s vision is to be a premier polytechnic of global distinction. It aims to provide quality education and training students and adult learners for work and life, enabling them to contribute to the technological, economic, and social development of Singapore.

As a final year student who has spent three years of her life here, I am truly proud to say that NYP is well on its way of reaching its vision.

Established in 1992, NYP is the 4th polytechnic in Singapore. Home to approximately 1500 staff members, 16,000 students enrolled in 46 diploma courses, and over 80 CCAs, NYP sure has a lot to offer.

Will you be here to confirm all that I’ve said in 2016 as a newly enrolled student?

Need more reasons? Check out Germaine's 10 Awesome Places to Visit in NYP

By Felicia Kwan, Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition

Felicia is an aspiring writer who loves to eat & travel around the world. She is also an avid reader, and hopes to inspire the world with her writing one day.

His Final Year Project Became His Enterprise

Even when he was still a student, entrepreneur Raniel Lee always had a plan. Raniel pursued his Diploma in Business Informatics (DBI) at NYP because he wanted to learn more about creating a profitable business. When he was still a student in NYP, Raniel set up his first business, InspireARTS LLP. Recently, he established his second business, Jobook, which was first conceptualised as a Final Year Project in NYP (in 2012).